About the gear

Percussionist, Joby Burgess playing Wind Wand
Percussionist, Joby Burgess playing Wind Wand

"As a percussionist I am always on the look out for new sounds, be it the latest innovation, traditional instrument or found sound. Over the years I have built up a vast collection of instruments from around the world and enjoy close relationships with a variety of instrument makers and manufactures."


  • marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspeil, bass drum and temple blocks by Adams
  • canna sonora (aluminium harp / rub rods) by Alliard
  • cajons by De Gregorio
  • tambourines, triangles and wood blocks by Grover
  • skins, taikos and roto toms by Remo
  • cymbals, crotales and tam tams by Sabian
  • drums, hardware and pedals by Tama




Sample Library - Spitfire Percussion

During the Spring of 2010 Joby was invited by composers Christian Henson, Paul Thomson and the English Session Orchestra to record a sample library of orchestral percussion instruments.

Recorded in Air Studio’s Lyndhurst Hall, Spitfire Percussion marks the launch of the company’s commercial range and is now on sale to the public as a 25GB download in Kontakt 4 and Kontakt Player 4 format. The samples are performed by the talented percussionist Joby Burgess, founder of experimental outfit Powerplant and a member of the fabulously entertaining Ensemble Bash contemporary‑classical‑afro‑jazz percussion quartet.

If you were scoring a cinematic sequence on the scale of Gladiator’s opening battle scene, you’d be glad to have Spitfire’s timpani at your disposal. Their big, commanding sound matches Russell Crowe’s larger‑than‑life screen presence, and, by comparison, makes some other sampled timpani seem like the musical equivalent of Kenneth Williams.

Though not quite ready to lay down my life in support of a magazine review, I have to say that Spitfire Percussion’s marimba is to die for. The combination of opulent hall acoustic, a fine, mellow instrument, medium‑soft beaters and the sensitive touch of the player has produced a beautiful, sweet and musically incisive patch.

The sound quality is inspirational, and the assured performances and sensible musical choices guarantee a smooth ride. Spitfire Percussion is a treasure trove of great‑sounding instruments that will add quality, realism and a touch of class to your arrangements.

Dave Stewart, Sound on Sound, February 2011