A Percussive Explosion with Sinfonia Newydd

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A Percussive Explosion

A Percussive Explosion at the RWCMD, Cardiff with Sinfonia Newydd. Featuring the Welsh premiere of Gabriel Prokofiev's Bass Drum Concerto with percussionist Joby Burgess, alongside new commissions by Ray Leung, Ed Scolding, Yfat Soul Zisso, Nathan James Dearden and Mark David Boden.

After a brilliant night with the Multi-Story Orchestra, performing Gabriel Prokofiev's Bass Drum Concerto as part of Nonclassical's Pioneers of Percussion Festival in November, Joby Burgess will be in Cardiff to perform the concerto with Wales' young proffessional orchestra Sinfonia Newydd and James Southall (conductor).

The programe also includes the first performance of artistic assocaite Mark David Boden's Urban Loops - a concertante work featuring an arsenal of percussion performed by Joby Burgess, alongside 4 gifted students from the RWCMD. Joby will also give a number of masterclasses and workshops to students at the RWCMD during his visit.

' ... how do you make a solo bass drum interesting enough to be the centre of attention for a multi-movement orchestral work? ... by drawing an impressive array of compelling sounds out of the bass drum, and by effectively setting it off against the ensemble. Burgess played the instrument like an enormous hand drum, drawing different colours and pitches out of it by hitting its surface in different places ... evoking club and dance music, but filtered through a modern, dissonant harmonic language.'

Jonathan Russell, BachTrack, November 2013