Powerplant Music Technology Workshops

, UK

Powerplant Kit

The Music

Carbon Copy - composed by Joby Burgess and Matthew Fairlclough, fuses the ancient berimbau with drum set and samples / synths built with Ableton Live

Audiotectonics III - composed by Matthew Fairclough, performed on xylosynth triggering bespoke samples from Logic's EXS24

Chain of Command - composed by Graham Fitkin, xylosynth triggers vocal samples of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, Boss RC50 for live looping

My Name Is - composed by Steve Reich, audience voices sampled live using a bespoke Max/Msp patch recreating 15 reel to reel tape machines

Electric Counterpoint - composed by Steve Reich, an arrangement for xylosynth using vintage synth sounds inspired by The Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds

The Tour

March 20 

March 21

June 7

June 8

June 14


These workshops have been funded with thanks to an RDIF grant from the University of Liverpool.
Additional thanks goes to St George's, Bristol (March 20) and South West Music School (March 21) for their asistance in setting up these workshops.