Punkit - a bit of Anarchy in the Band

, UK


PUNKIT is an adventurous participatory project, offering bold, inspiring music making for up to 60 young people at a critical stage of their musical journey and at a vulnerable creative age. Participants are ideally aged 11-14, in transition between primary and secondary school and about to make important choices about their creative futures. 

PUNKIT aims to broaden musical horizons, inspire musical curiosity, and provide a model of adventurous music making that young people can aspire to. PUNKIT is entirely accessible; it does not rely on core instrumental skills or previous experience, but teaches rhythm and provides high quality moments of musical inspiration

The music is fuelled by that moment in live music when the beat kicks in and lifts your spirit. Junk box, punk and the surrealism of iconic 80’s pop spectacle Talking Heads are all evident, there is certainly a little bit of anarchy in the PUNKIT band.

This project has been developed in partnership with and commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts. Bedford Creative Arts is supported by Arts Council England.

Tour Dates

Thursday 9th July, 2015 @ 2pm
Music For Youth Festival, Centenary Square, Birmingham
PUNKIT partner Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham, working with Holy Trinity Catholic School

PUNKIT partner Bedford Creative Arts

More information can be found at www.punkit.lovemusic.org.uk