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Powerplant / Gabriel Prokofiev - Fanta

Powerplant present Gabriel Prokofiev's "Fanta®" from the album Import/Export.

I first met Gabriel Prokofiev at a Shoreditch nightclub in early 2006, and we soon began discussing the idea of a new work for percussion and electronics. After originally wanting to write a companion piece for Xenakis’ Rebonds, Gabriel began to instead explore the sonic possibilities of West African soda bottles. Coupled with my recently developed electronic set-up - capable of live looping and signal processing -  the resulting piece Fanta®, received a dozen or so performances towards the end of 2007. With funds provided by the ICIA, University of Bath, Powerplant went onto commission a considerably larger work Import/Export - a suite for global junk from Gabriel.

Performed by Joby Burgess.

Produced and engineered by Gabriel Prokofiev.

Visuals created and video directed by Kathy Hinde.