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Uncharted - Joby Burgess and Matthew Sharp

Predominantly playing works for cello and percussion, Joby Burgess and Matthew Sharp presented a startling and exhilarating selection of music drawn from disparate sources. Gabriel Prokofiev’s Fanta® ... combining rigorous attention to complex musical detail with a sincere passion for the rhythms of dance music ... was that incredibly rare thing: a genuinely cool piece of classical music. Errollyn Wallen’s Voodoo, a scintillating and heavily jazzy work for cello and marimba which showcased Burgess and Sharp’s confidence and virtuosity as a duo.

Param Vir’s ...beyond the reach of the world... gathered together an impressive burst of energy and ended with Sharp ecstatically, silently bowing the side of his cello. Mariel, by the Argentinian composer Golijov, was a beautiful, poignant end to the concert. Burgess and Sharp’s blend of virtuosity, good humour and taste turned their venture into the uncharted into an approachable and enjoyable evening.

Paul Kilbey, Bachtrack, November 2011